Techspeed's own wire and cable harness processing products.

We have created range of machies for taping and spot taping, from manual benchtop up to fully automatic. This machines can work standalone or we can prepare versions that could be included in processing lines. Taping cables, wires and harnesses is easier right now. Spot taping solutions are light and easy. These machines are for those who need high quality production with right equipment.

Our innovative solutions for cable and wire processing, harness taping, spot taping will help cut manufacturing costs and increase quality. All for maximizing your production efficiency.

Full range of taping machines. For the purposes of taping, insulating wires, cable harnesses or other products.

Spot taping machine, also known as bundling. For the purposes of spot taping, bundling, insulating, marking wires and cable harnesses.

Pull tester for measuring pull force of crimped and welded connections in range up to 2000N.

Our own InfraRed shrinking system for different purposes and sizes and virtually every imaginable solution for IR applications.

Every other solution, from peripherals to big automated solutions.

TM 300 – easy to use full auto taping machine

TM 300 is all-round, top of the line machine for wires and wire harnesses taping. It is...

TM 200 – linear feed taping machine

The TM 200L is a linear feed machine with a maximum feed length of 1 m (1,5...

TM 100 – low budget manual taping machine

TM 100 is all-round, table-top device for wires and wire harnesses taping. It features newest and purposeful...

BM 50 / BM 19 – spot taping machines

BM 50 is a highly versatile spot taping machine for cable bundling, insulating and marking. Its design allows...

PT – smart, universal crimp wire pull tester

Motorized, benchtop device for measuring pull force of crimped and welded wire connections in range up to...

WS – wire stacker for all applications

WS is an active cable stacker with a maximum outer diameter of 35 mm. The convenient and intuitive...

AIR – custom IR shrinking solutions

We create devices for shrinking infrared heat shrink sleeves (IR). They are an alternative to standard devices...

Custom production solutions

Since year 2016, when the new department of Techspeed has been established besides the standard products we...

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