WS – wire stacker for all applications

WS is an active cable stacker with a maximum outer diameter of 35 mm.

The convenient and intuitive control panel allows to easily connect it to any cutting machine or at the end of the production line. The stacker has a belt drive, it is equipped with a special system that safely puts down products without the risk of jamming.
On request, its length can be multiplied with the help of additional passive modules

Technical Data:

Type of conveyor belt
The minimum length of laid cables is about 0.5 m
Maximum length of cables up to3 m
Outer diameter of – from 4mm to 35 mm
Cable transport speed up to 2.9 m / s
Cable transport speed regulation 0 – 100 %
Supply voltage 230 V, 50Hz, 1 ~
Power used 400 W
Compressed air pressure from 5 to 6 bar
The level of emitted sound pressure 75dB
Dimensions (W x H x D) 3530 x1400 x 705 mm
Stacker height adjustment range from 970 to 1170 mm
Weight 245 kg