BM mini

BM mini is a new System in Techspeed’s spot taping family.
The main module of the BM mini System is compact bundling head that can be incorporated in manual or automatic taping/bundling production. The heart of the System – BM mini head can be added to robot operated automation processes or machines for twisting wires.

Aside to the automation, BM mini is available in Benchtop variant (depicted on the pictures) which is a standalone machine with separated control panel for greater flexibility to place in the working area. With its small footprint universal BM mini benchtop can be placed virtually everywhere in the cable or harness production line. Thanks to simplified operation can easily bundle cable sets, fix twisted cables or mark harnesses. Giving you the best quality of narrow tape spot taping / bundling.


BM mini Benchtop Technical Data

Tape width: 9 or 12 mm
Dimensions: 250 x 490mm x 250 mm (width x depth x height)
Max. harness diameter: 12 mm
Tape roll max. diameter: 160 mm


Video of BM mini Benchtop: