In the range of services provided by Techspeed, we offer the following:

Instalation and training

The more complex a system or a machine is, the more important it is to properly prepare your employees and the environment to use and coexist with the new kind of equipment. We provide services that include installation of devices, machines and complete lines. We also offer finetuning so that the machines co-operate as efficiently as possible with the previous ones – models or solutions.




Our specialists can almost immediately provide responses concerning any problems or failures of the machines. Remote troubleshooting is our trump card.



Spare and wear parts

We deliver our original spare and wear parts for devices. With them you can be sure that they will conform to our quality standards – so you can ensure stable production with consistent high quality and prolong machine’s life cycle and reduce the probability of unanticipated downtimes.





Our team is put together by trained servicemen with in-depth knowledge of our machines. We offer the best services available. We are usually able to repair defects on site despite the complexity of each machine. However, we may also repair the machines and test systems at regional service centers – or take them back to where they were manufactured.