Infrared shrinking system

Many years of experience in custom Infrared shrinking solutions, gave us the knowledge to design ultimate benchtop infrared shrinking system. We have created ultimate Infrared modular shrinking system, that can be used in wide variety of shrinking applications.


IRC11 IR control unit

Programmed control unit with 3.5” touch display

Newly designed digital controller handles all IR appliances and can be also used in custom solutions using automated connectivity. With touchscreen operation is easy to use providing operator all necessary information about the process flow. It can control heating process in 1 s intervals up to 99 seconds in 1% steps from 1% up to full power of IR devices.

Shrinking process can be triggered by the optional foot pedal switch, onscreen button or external trigger.


IRC11 Technical Data:

Max. power of connected IR devices: 2300 W (regardless 1 or 2 channel option)
Electrical connections: 100-240 V
Dimensions (WxDxH): 255 x 207 x 79 mm


IR100 Shrinking unit

Single emitter IR shrinking unit 300W

Ergonomically designed this table top device has maximum power of 300 W.
It is ideal for all table top shrinking operations of: heat-shrink tubes, heat shrinking labels and other related heat-shrink materials.
IR controller is needed to operate this device.
Needs controller to operate.


IR100 device Technical Data:

Max power: 300 W
Width of shrinking zone: 34 mm
Outer product diameter 14 mm
Lifespan: approx. 2000 hours
Dimensions (WxDxH): 120 x 270 x 202 mm


IR406 / IR412 Shrinking unit 60 mm /120 mm

Quad emitter IR shrinking unit 1200 W / 1400 W with 60 or 120 mm shrinking zone

This device consists of 4 independently fixed emitters, which provide easy configuration according to shrinking application. Thanks to movable structure this device gives efficient and reliable shrinking results for all heat-shrink tubes and all related heat shrinking materials.
This device comes in 2 variants: with 60 and 120 mm wide emitters giving the optimal and efficient use of heat power according to final product.
Needs controller IRC11 to operate.


IR406 / IR412 devices Technical Data:

Max power: 1200 W (60 mm) or 1400 W (120 mm)
Width of shrinking zone: 60 or 120 mm
Emitters distance: 15 to 60 mm.
Lifespan: approx. 5000 hours
Dimensions (WxDxH): 174 /244 (60 mm / 120 mm) x 325 x 196 mm



IR System on video: