PT – smart, universal crimp wire pull tester

Motorized, benchtop device for measuring pull force of crimped and welded wire connections in range up to 1000N


The PT110 is a universal, solid, motorized table top pull tester for measuring pull force of crimped and welded connections in range up to 1000N. It has a modern design and is equipped with big touch screen presenting the force graph, which is also a user interface. The sturdy construction ensures precise readings and undisturbed flow of the measure. The unit is programmable, allowing to create testing parameters pre-sets, works in network. Its additional asset is simplified process of calibration. PT110 is reliable, intuitive and easy operating.

Technical Data

Test force range 0 – 1000 N
Accuracy: 0,5 %
Resolution: 0,1 N
Weight: 13 kg
Power supply: 24 V DC
Dimensions (L/H/W) : 479/132/164 mm
Screen size: 4,3 inch

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