TM 200 – linear feed taping machine

The TM 200L is a linear feed machine with a maximum feed length of 1 m (1,5 m on demand).
It is a fully programmable, semi-automatic machine, adapted to the rapid implementation of high-volume production, allowing the exchange of programs between devices.

Technical Data:

Application taping of wires, simple or complex  and long wire harnesses and other materials, mostly for high volume batches
Wire harness diameter max. 20 mm (optional 35 mm)
Width of tape 9 – 19 mm
Head rotation speed 0 – 1000 rpm; stepless control, max rotation speed can be set independently.
Type of tape all available machine tapes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1392-2892 x 690 x 1275-1675 mm
Weight 205 kg
Supply 200-240VAC 50/60Hz , compressed air 6 bar.

TM 200L on video: