About us

Techspeed (formally known as Techspeed Bendkowski, Mazur sp. j.) was founded in 2009 in Katowice, Poland. It started its commercial activity as a trade and service company focused on the wire processing market. As a result of dynamic development, a comprehensive offer was built.

Besides its commercial activity, Techspeed has also been running a production of own products. Since 2015, when the first machine was designed, Techspeed’s R&D department has continuously been creating new, easy to use and most of all modern machines using philosophy based on Human Centered Design.

Techspeed’s latest achievement is a range of taping and bundling machines for wire harnesses. Additionally, there is still room for manufacturing custom solutions for the existing machines as well as automation stations for different processes in the wire and cable processing industry.

Currently the company is also active on foreign markets where our own products are offered, as well as professional services.


Our offer

Pull force devices

They are often called a push pull force gauge or tension and compression force gauge. These devices are used in material testing, quality control and assurance, research, development, product testing, laboratory and educational applications.

Taping machines

Taping machines often called bandaging or banding machines are used to cover single cables or wire harnesses with self-adhesive industrial tape. Wires are transported linearly to acheive constant overlap of tape. Tapes used are 9-19 mm wide.

Bundling machines

Bundling machines also known as spot taping, bundling, marking machines are devices that are used to wrap around wires, cable harnesses, tubes etc adhesive tape without moving wraped object. There are used 1-9 layers of tape up to 50 mm wide.

Custom solutions

We are aware that even our devices are universal, some application cases need special tools or procedures. We can upgrade our machines to meet your special needs. Let our specialist take a look at your product.

Wire processing processes automation

Wire processes and collateral operations if not completed by one machine, could be automated. Mostly the solution consist of few lined up machines that perform one step of the process by another. We have managed to build such solutions from simple ones to complex using robotic arms.


Many partners spread across the globe

We have partner companies all over the world.

Techspeed machines are present in production plants around the world and the brand’s expansion into new markets is still ongoing. Extending the offer to new customers thanks to our partners, allows us to provide comprehensive and reliable services

To find our representative near you, please visit Contact page, where you can find our partner in your or heighbouring countries.


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