Full range of machines for taping cables and wire harnesses. From manual to fully automatic, Techspeed offers you the right machines for your cable processing needs.

Carefully designed, with emphasize on safety and easy of use. We provide you, your ultimate tool for taping with this range od machines. Take a good look.

TM 300 – easy to use full auto taping machine

TM 300 is all-round, top of the line machine for wires and wire harnesses taping. It is...

TM 200 – linear feed taping machine

The TM 200L is a linear feed machine with a maximum feed length of 1 m (1,5...

TM 100 – low budget manual taping machine

TM 100 is all-round, table-top device for wires and wire harnesses taping. It features newest and purposeful...

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